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Digital version. Prints full-size to 8"x11" paper.


For best results: print on cardstock and laminate.


Printable proscription medicine and human health technology development study tool.

When you purchase the file you get the PDF, you print it out, and you get to work making the wonderdrug of the future! Use in combination with
The Wheel of Asset Creation to keep your project milestones on track and building!


Product prints full-size on 8"x11" paper. You will need to be able to open a PDF file to view.

Drug Development Study Tool

  • The Wheel of Pharmaceutical Development by Innovative Potential is the most advanced study tool produced, yes even more complicated than The Wheel of Cancer Biology (available here).

    The Wheel of Pharmaceutical Development is a 24-step walk around the drug development industry in one 8" x 11" overview image.

    Like the other study wheels from Innovatve Potential, The Wheel of Pharmaceutical Development is an intuitive image best used with an internet connection, text book, or other reference material.

    From the computer to the clinic and back again, The Wheel of Pharmaceutical Development covers all of your major drug development project milestones.

    Why let a disease win when you can create the advantage? Use The Wheel of Pharmaceutical Development in your next drug development cycle.

    This is the process I used when selecting cyclophosphamide and acetaminophen as model compounds for the Electrochemical generation of reactive species and their applications as chemotherapeutics (now available here).

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