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The Creatives

The Creatives are the companies at Innovative Potential that are the most flexible in their capacity and the most rigid in their scrutiny. These companies routinely have to refine ideas for quality and  purpose while maintaining efficiency and adherence to external standards.

Fee-based services are offered with each company. Please contact for more information regarding your project.

Tities & Cream
Marketing & Advertising Agency

Tities and Cream Marketing and Advertising Agency is the division of Innovative Potential tasked with the management and curation of online media, and the marketing and advertisement of goods, services, and general public awareness of Innovative Potential.

Tities and Cream Marketing and Advertising Agency is responsible for developing educational materials specific to Innovative Potential, like the study tools available in our online shop here.


Innovative Development is the research and development division of Innovative Potential. Innovative Development is used to house the ideation process, and to develop initial project scaffolds and working groups.


Highly collaborative, Innovative Development is charged with scholarly research and project planning.

Innovative Development is also tasked with historical documentation of company advancements.

Santa's PWN
Shipping and

Santa’s PWN Shipping and Distribution (SPSD) is in charge of tracking and moving goods to and from the various divisions of Innovative Potential and its clients.

SPSD houses the logistics, warehousing, and transportation of products, goods, and wastes. SPSD works with third party vehicle fleets and personnel to deliver the wins.

SPSD works closest with Innovative Manufacturing,  Innovative Scientific, and Innovative Financial.

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