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The Patents

The chemotherapeutic galvanostat/potentiostat (CGP) is a  patent protected invention in the United States of America and Canada, with patent cooperation treaty disclosure, effectively making the CGP unpatentable in the rest of the World.

Figure 1. The World of Innovative Potential. White: patent zone; Green: disclosure zone.

Expiry: 2038

The patents created by Innovative Potential differentiated themselves from previous works by specializing the CGP hardware for a surgical environment by:

  1. incorporating safety design elements and fail-safes to the CGP,

  2. incorporating standardized inter-connectivity with other equipment,

  3. introducing the capacity for CGP embodiment as a handheld tool,

  4. introducing the capacity for CGP integration with auto-sampling laboratory robotics, and,

  5. introducing the capacity for CGP integration with surgical robotics.

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