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Handheld Products

This page displays patent-protected handheld CGP products by Innovative Potential.

Innovative Potential - Patent - CP Drawings - 9-4-2018 - Implant C.png

The Implant

All about being in the right place at the right time, the Joey is compatible with  implantable microdosing pumps, if not able to become one itself.

Augmentation and supplementation of currently existing treatment regimes and devices is an area anticipated for clinical development.

Innovative Potential - Patent - CP Drawings - 25-7-2017 - Handheld.png

The Cancer Gun

What better way to administer EAC chemotherapeutics than with a surgical applicator! Probably a syringe, but it won't be as cool.

Featuring The Core, an ergonomic pistol-grip, self-contained pump, pressure-sensitive trigger, and electronic interface, the Cancer Gun is a convenient and easy-to-use EAC drug applicator.


Surgeons only.

Innovative Potential - Kevin Janu - Surgical Gauntlet 1 - 12-10-2021.jpg

The Gauntlet

The latest in wearable surgical fashions from Innovative Potential, The Gauntlet is a CGP for the surgeon on the go.

Featuring electrochemical activation technology, the device is arm-mountable with a display interface and stylish trigger-based applicator wand.

Image by Kevin Janu

Innovative Potential - Kevin Janu - Surgical Pipette 1 - 26-10-2021_edited.jpg

The Pipette

The Pipette by Innovative Potential is a CGP ergonomically designed to resemble the familiarity of a micropipette.

Ideal for small volumes and small spaces, like a laminar flow hood!

Image by Kevin Janu

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