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Innovative Potential is an industrial conglomeration, or working group, within the healthcare industry specializing in pharmaceutical and medical device discovery, design, development, and distribution.


Innovative Potential houses a network of people in disciplines required to bring both pharmaceuticals and medical devices to market.

Innovative Potential is also the owner of The Joey, the only patented electrochemically-based molecule activation hardware for the laboratory, clinic, and surgical suite - a specially designed and calibrated electrochemical galvanostat/potentiostat for chemotherapy development and application.

With a safe and convenient to use machine, the chemotherapeutic galvanostat/potentiostat is the tool for use by clinical oncologists, veterinarians, agriculturalists, and other molecular developers.

Innovative Potential Inc. was founded on the results of getting one of the oldest and most studied clinically available anti-cancer drugs: cyclophosphamide, to 'work better™'.

Relevant for-fee services are available upon request. Let our network help you and your next project work better.


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