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The Regulatory

The Regulatory group of companies at Innovative Potential and their personnel adhere all work undertaken to legal and government standards.

Fee-based services are offered with each company. Please contact for more information regarding your project.


Innovative Judicial is the legal document and contractual division of Innovative Potential. Innovative Judicial is used for drafting documents intended as contracts, trade marks, patents, or other form of legal communication. Innovative Judicial is responsible for company documentation such as its constitution.

Innovative Judicial is used to settle disputes, develop intellectual property, or to propose inquiries to authorities.


Innovative Regulation is the division of Innovative Potential accountable to governmental regulatory agencies such as the FDA, EPA, or Health Canada. Innovative Regulation is responsible for recording and reporting all actions regarding dangerous or hazardous materials including wastes.

Innovative Regulation works closely with Santa’s PWN S&D, and Innovative Judicial to ensure standardized compliances with governmental third parties.

Innovative Engineering

Innovative Engineering is the engineering and prototype development division of Innovative Potential. Innovative Engineering ensures that product prototypes are able to integrate with industrial standards of manufacturing and product end-users. Innovative Engineering utilizes advanced manufacturing support services like machine shops.


Innovative Engineering is also tasked with documentation of prototype advancements, quality control, and chemical analysis.

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