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The following product pages host a set of patent-protected product concepts, designs, and descriptions for embodiments and ideations stemming from, and contained within, the patents owned by Innovative Potential.


The Vial Adapter

The Vial Adapter is a spin-off technology from Innovative Potential originally developed to accommodate vial connection to the Joey.

Adding security and minimizing contamination of needles and vials, this small connector fits all luer-locks and syringes.


The Core

The standard CGP electrochemical core is what drives the EAC industry.

Customizable in every way, from materials to dimensions, The Core, is an electrochemical drug-discovering powerhouse!


The Electrochemical generation of reactive species and their application as chemotherapeutics is the instruction manual, free for download on the publications page.

Fuel Cell Core

Fuel cell, too? Yupp.

So, because of how the CGP incorporated its safety features, it can also dual function as a fuel cell for a combustion engine robot with some modifications!


How great is that?

Joey Renders v2.png

The Joey

The Joey is more than a cup holder, The Joey is a CGP!

The Joey
is a model of CGP designed for intravenous pole attachment and integration with pre-existing medical infrastructure.

More Info.

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