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Want a job? This is what I need done. You get credit for having done it as one of the only people having worked for me in the U.S.A. or Canada. One out of 370 million people isn't a bad resume builder.

Remote work possible.

Job 1


Electrical Engineer 1


The Joey needs:

  1. On/Off switch.

  2. Power supply.

  3. User Interface.

  4. Amperage controller for 0-5 mA.

  5. On/Off switch for electrolysis unit.

  6. Reference circuit.

  7. Visualizer lights.


Project working space is 6"x6"x3" with a 1/4" tolerance.

Can be battery powered or 120V.

Reporting phase completed.

Job 2


Electrical Circuit Design Engineer 1

Custom electrical circuit and circuit board design.

  • Compressed dimensional design.

  • Processor selection.

  • Specific periphery integration.

  • Optimized for large market production.

Cumulative Project with Job 1.

Reporting phase completed.

Job 3


Case Designer 1

Custom project box design.

  • Clean and smooth design according to medical industry and custom specifications.

  • Custom casing required.

  • Specific dimensions customized to Job 2's results.


Cumulative Project with Job 2.

Currently in reporting phase.

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