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Electrochemically Activated Chemotherapy

Electrochemically activated chemotherapy (EAC) is two things:

A natural philosophy school of biomimetic pharmaceutical design; and, 
A type of chemical ablation surgery that uses a chemotherapeutic galvanostat/potentiostat.

EAC is the only biomimetic technique that uses electrochemistry as a mechanism of prodrug activation. 

EAC is sometimes also referred to as electroactivated chemotherapy, artificial bioactivation, or electrodrugs, but they're all EAC.

EAC can use any type of redox reactive prodrug including antibodies, proteins, small molecules, inorganic molecules and ions, and DNA and RNA.

Using The Joey, individuals and teams are able to develop and test redox sensitive drugs for further market development, going so far as to design electro-reactive chaperone leaving groups to active molecules, as with the case of cyclophosphamide, a World Health Organization anti-cancer molecule in-use since the 1960s.

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