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The Scientific

The Scientific are a trio of companies grouped within the Innovative Potential conglomerate specializing in the physical and biological sciences. These companies house a network of technical personnel and expertise relating to the biological, chemical, and physical sciences.

Fee-based services are offered with each company. Please contact for more information regarding your project.



Innovative Scientific is the STEM division of Innovative Potential. A working group of STEM professionals, Innovative Scientific actualizes plans created by Innovative Development and reports on success.

Innovative Scientific is geared towards scholarly research and publication, working with Innovative Engineering to  physically design, build, confirm or otherwise demonstrate product effectiveness.

Electroactivated Technologies

Electroactivated Technologies (EAT) is an application development company specializing in electrochemistry and electrochemical cells.

EAT’s applied electrolytic cells have found applications as electrolytic combustion engines, robotics, environmental remediation, pharmaceutical enhancement devices, and artificial and synthetic metabolism.


ToxStar Laboratories is a network of fully functional analytical and biological laboratories specializing in electroactivated chemical research and development.



ToxStar Laboratories is capable of synthetic organic molecular synthesis, cell culture, electroanalytical detection, computational chemistry, and hosts a suite of standard analytical instrumentation and equipment (e.g., GC-MS, HPLC, TOC/X, etc.).

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