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The Externals

The Externals group of companies at Innovative Potential house a collection of specializations and diversifications required to support The Conglomeration.

Fee-based services are offered with each company. Please contact for more information regarding your project.

The Boudreau Foundation - Icon.png

The Boudreau Foundation

The Boudreau Foundation™ is a private-organization founded for the perpetual development, education, pursuits, and continued success of its members.

Founded in 1984, The Boudreau Foundation™ has continuously supported the arts, sciences, trades, and athletics of its members for over 35 years. The Boudreau Foundation™ is often associated with The Preservation Society™ in projects for the purposes of estate planning and the operation of Innovative Potential™.

The Preservation Society - Icons.png

The Preservation Society

The Preservation Society™ is an external corporation at Innovative Potential™ specializing in the preservation of physical hardware, artifacts, and lore.


The Preservation Society™ is consulted in the planning stages of development to assess the requirements and use of materials for longevity, storage, and historical records. The Preservation Society™ is specialized in estate planning and development.

The Ministry of Preventative Medicine - Icon.png

The Ministry of Preventative Medicine

The Ministry of Preventative Medicine™ is a supporting company of the Innovative Potential™ conglomerate and is responsible for integrating long-term and best-lifestyle healthcare practices into the organization.


The focus of The Ministry of Preventative Medicine™ is to pre-emptively avoid the long-term occupational health and safety hazards of modern life, keeping everyone at Innovative Potential™ at optimized health regardless of age.

Magpie Plunge Mining Corporation - Icon.png

Magpie Plunge Mining Corporation

The Magpie Plunge Mining Corporation™ provides consultation on a variety of Earth-based resources including acquisition, refining, production, site planning and organization, and environmental remediation consulting.

The Magpie Plunge Mining Corporation™ works with Innovative Potential™ to coordinate supply line organization and acquisition of rare-Earth metals, iron ore, and refined mining and metallurgical products, collecting specimens included.

Starlight Review Oil and Gas Company - Icon.png

Starlight Review
Oil and Gas Company

The Starlight Review Oil and Gas Company™ is a crude oil extractor and refinery that is capable of producing a variety of fuels, petroleum, and plastic products for the Innovative Potential™ conglomerate.


The Starlight Review Oil and Gas Company™ acts a support company, providing fuels, and raw and refined materials to the conglomeration, particularly to working groups in the production sector.

Orange Heart Construction Company - Icon.png

Orange Heart Construction Company

Without the Orange Heart Construction Company™ (OHC) nothing gets built. It’s, “Orange At Best” as they say.


The OHC company is able to build, they’re able to build safely, and they’re able to build reliable structures that endure and last against the elements.


The Orange Heart Construction Company™ can build anything and everything, from housing, mines, factories, refineries, skyscrapers, roads, they’re the crew on the ground and they’re Orange At Best™.

Tumor Farm - Icon.png

Colonel and Jordache's Tumor Farm

Colonel and Jordache’s Tumor Farm (CJTF) is a cell culture laboratory and shooting range. CJTF is the public access point between the general public and Innovative Potential™. It is a family friendly education center for cancer biology, cell culture, gun safety, and marksmanship.


Guests are able to grow their own cancer cell lines and tumor suspensions, investigate them microscopically, and get revenge for the loss of their loved ones, all in one fun-filled afternoon. Skeet-shooting and target range available occupancy permitting.


Seven Percent Entertainment

Seven Percent Entertainment™ is an electronic entertainment company with activity, movie, television, internet, audio, and videogame working groups.

Seven Percent Entertainment™ gets it name by estimating the audience size as a percent of the global population affected with a cancer diagnosis at any given time, including animal owners.

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