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Making Drugs Work Better™

By using a Joey from Innovative Potential™, drug molecules work better by affording high-presicion surgical control, expanded reactivity, and increased concentration control over pharmaceutical placement outside of a living body.

Work better is to have external application control over bioactivation.

Why do you want a bioactivateable molecule?

Two reasons:

  1. EAC prefers bioactivatable molecules because EAC will actually toxify (i.e., activate) a non-toxic molecule to make it pharmacologically effective; and,

  2. ​To create molecules with:

  • new mechanisms of action,

  • lower systemic toxicity,

  • lower risk hazard profiles in cases of spills,

  • increased transporation safety,

  • increased shelf-life, or

  • decreased sensitivity to storage conditions.

​​​An ideal EAC drug is:

  • is a non-toxic prodrug,

  • is only activated by a CGP, like The Joey™,

  • is short-lived but stable enough to be pharmacological, and

  • can be stored in fluctuating environmental conditions for a long period of time.

​​​​These qualities make EAC development ideal for cancer treatments, rural markets, harsh environments, and space travel.

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