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How EAC Works

Electrochemically activated chemotherapy (EAC) works because it is paralleling the body's own metabolic enzymes to make a drug in solution more potent on a dose-for-dose basis versus not using EAC.

EAC uses a chemotherapeutic galvanostat/potentiostat (CGP), like The Joey from Innovative Potential, to activate a prodrug molecule in one of two ways:

  1. by removing a protective group; or,

  2. by increasing a molecule's general reactivity.

There are some limitations to EAC but the general rule is that:

  • if the prodrug can bioactivate, then EAC will work when the molecule is activated by a CGP, or The Joey™ by Innovative Potential™.

What is bioactivation?

Bioactivation is the naturally occurring metabolic process that makes a molecule more reactive so that it can be excreted.

You can think of EAC as bioactivation, but instead of it occurring in a cell, a machine like The Joey from Innovative Potential is doing the activation.


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