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The Technology behind The Joey

Technology In The Now

The Joey is a specific model of a chemotherapeutic galvantostat/potentiostat (CGP).


A CGP is a patented hardware device that, with the push of a button, allows the operator to control both the voltage and amperage applied to an associated electrochemical cell for the purposes of electrochemical prodrug activation. There are many different types of prodrugs that a CGP can use  including some anti-cancer drugs, chloride ions, and even water molecules.


​​​​​​​​​A CGP is the only device able to both make and deliver electrochemically activated chemotherapy (EAC). The Joey by Innovative Potential is the first patented CGP product in the USA and/or Canada (see publications page).

The best way to understand the CGP versus The Joey is to compare a desktop PC to a smartphone, they can both do the same thing, but they are different sized embodiments of the same or similar technology.

​The first recorded description of a working CGP can be found in a book called the Electrochemical generation of reactive species and their application as chemotherapeutics, but the CGP apparatus was never given a name in that book, or safety features. The naming came 5 years later during the foundation of Innovative Potential Inc.™.

The CGP and The Joey are patent-protected inventions in both Canada and the United States of America as detailed in U.S. Patent No.: 11,198,943, and Canadian Patent No.: 3,035,406 (see publications page).

The CGP and The Joey are the Holy Grail of experimental and clinical hardware in the pharmaceutical sciences, both figuratively and literally (yes there is an actual hole in the cup), allowing for the use and application of in silico drug metabolism principles and activation in the clinic.


Using a CGP and The Joey, individuals and teams are able to develop and test redox sensitive drugs for further market development, going so far as to design electro-reactive chaperone leaving groups to active molecules, as with the case of cyclophosphamide; I mean, that's what I did, now you can too!

For-fee consulting is available for your projects.

Patent licensing opportunities are now available!
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