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Approximately 28,000 people die per day from cancer globally, that is roughly one (1) death for every three (3) seconds*.

As of 2022, every year, approximately 2,100,000 people are diagnosed with cancer in America and Canada [1, 2].

Every day approximately 1,900 Americans and Canadians die of cancer [1, 2].


Globally, that number is roughly 1,000 people per hour.

Approximately 35% of people will not survive five years from their initial diagnosis [1, 2].

Imagine a machine that makes just one anti-cancer drug work 100% more effective.
What impact would that machine have on people's lives and the lives of their families?

Imagine a machine that can make two anti-cancer drugs work 100% more effective.

What about three drugs?

Or Four?

That machine is
a chemotherapeutic galvanostat/potentiostat and it was invented 2009. 

- - -

Due to Canadian politics:
157,680,000 people are dead from cancer since the CGP was invented in 2009

That's 1.9% of the total population of the planet Earth dead to date*.

*Calculation derived from data sources with 1 and 2.

1. American Cancer Society. Cancer Facts & Figures 2022, Atlanta: American Cancer Society; 2022.

2. Canadian Cancer Statistics Advisory Committee in collaboration with the Canadian Cancer Society, Statistics Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada. Canadian Cancer Statistics 2021. Toronto, ON: Canadian Cancer Society; 2021.

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