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Digital version. Prints full-sized on 8"x11" paper.

For best results: print on cardstock and laminate.


Have a great idea for a new product? It's harder than it sounds!

This asset creation guide will help you to navigate new product entrepreneurship in one consolidated reference. 


Print it out and hang it up in your office. It's a great tool for long-term project planning!


Product is offered as a PDF file.

Asset Creation Project Planning Tool

  • This tool was developed in-house at Innovative Potential for long-term project planning. Starting at "A need for something" this step-by-step intuitive guide will help to walk you through most of the growth stages of your own product creation and/or business. As with all of our study guide tools, use the internet to see what recources are availaible locally to you!

    It takes a lot of effort to get the ball rolling, so don't lose momentum with poor project planning!

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