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Digital version. Prints full-sized on 8"x11" paper.


For best results: print on cardstock and laminate.


A lot happens when cellular biology goes awry, cancer biology is a complicated subject. Gain the upperhand with this learning tool.


Print it out, hang it up and start learning!

For best results use the terms as seach words in mdical search engines like PubMed or Google Scholar.


Product is offered as a PDF file.

Cancer Biology Study Tool

  • This study tool was inspired by the Hallmarks of Cancer a 2011 paper by Hanahan and Weinberg.

    Cancer biology can be overwhelming so this tool is intended as a guide to help introduce learners to the various genetic, celluar, tissue, and physiological processes. 

    Incorporating conceptual terminology from toxicology, genetics, molecular and cellular biology, this image-based tool is intended to help students and researchers alike understand and overcome the various dynamic systems that occur during cancer disease.

    Each conceptual term represents a significant factor, event or biological process that is known to exist or ocurr during cancer disease. Matching colored sections with the same colour of arrow can help learners to recognize non-obvious metabolic pathways or physiological events as they study.

    Terms are searchable using major search engines, but will have best results with scientific search engines like PubMed or Google Scholar.

    This tool is not able to treat or diagnose disease. Innovative Potential is not a doctor.

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