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Digital version. Prints full-size to 8"x11" paper.


For best results: print on cardstock and laminate.


Printable health literacy and lifestyle improvement tool.

When you purchase the file you get the PDF, you print it out, and see the world of Innovative Potential like you ahve neer seen it before!


Product prints full-size on 8"x11" paper. You will need to be able to open a PDF file to view.

STUFF Study Tool

  • STUFF is basically a Physics summary sheet spanning the mathematics of Geometry through Atomic and Molecular structure, to Solar and Cosmic scales, and then relating everything back to the Inferred and virtual worlds and Universes we enjoy in video games and computer generated images.

    STUFF is a lot of fun.
    I like STUFF.

    STUFF was my favorite of the study tools to put together.

    STUFF was more of a challenge to put together than the Wheel of Cancer Biology quite honestly, mostly because it was required to incorporate nomenclature adjustments at the Cosmic and Universal scales to make the whole picture relatable in the everyday world. The big picture is still kind've not relatable, but it's better than nothing, and that's because that's just the Nature of this STUFF.

    When you sit down and make your own crib notes you'll understand the structures of the Universe more intuitively than if you tried to piece together Wikipedia, which is what this STUFF diagram is. Wikipedia is still a great resource and starting point for a lot of scientific and observational resources and pictures.

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