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Digital version. Prints full-size to 8"x11" paper.


For best results: print on cardstock and laminate.


Printable electronics literacy improvement tool.

When you purchase the file you get the PDF, you print it out, and see if you can't make your own robot. Put it on your fridge, on a reminder board, or next to your computer for that gentle reminder that it won't build itself unless you build it first.


Product prints full-size on 8"x11" paper. You will need to be able to open a PDF file to view.

Robotics Study Tool

  • This is a big one.

    The Wheel of Robotics incorporates and builds from The Wheel of Electronics directly, and partially internconnects it with, there is a lot of shared overlap between the two, also.

    The Wheel of Robotics introduces topics for a fully functioning human automaton, a sapient.

    The future is now, and what made robotics so difficult in the past was that each robot was custom built for a specific application. In 2023, software technology is at the point where a more generalized robot is able to learn and perform specific tasks, like Rosie the Maid-bot from The Jetsons, or Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

    Currently, the most publicized example is the autonomous learning technology with the Tesla Bot, and, thanks to Innovative Potential, anything with a CGP or fuel cell on it.

    The Wheel of Robotics is here with the internet to get everyone back on the same page.

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