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Digital version. Prints full-size to 8"x11" paper.


For best results: print on cardstock and laminate.


Printable electronics literacy improvement tool.

When you purchase the file you get the PDF, you print it out, and see if you can't make your own robot. Put it on your fridge, on a reminder board, or next to your computer for that gentle reminder that it won't build itself unless you build it first.


Product prints full-size on 8"x11" paper. You will need to be able to open a PDF file to view.

Electronics Literacy Study Tool

  • Because 175 years of pure globalized, industrialized, and populized electronics wasn't enough!

    The Electronics Literacy Study Tool by Innovative Potential is here to help you to get a sense of how all those bits, chips, baubles, sensors, and components were accumulated in the first place. You're def not learning this in school, lol.

    The Electronics Study Tool is a bit like the history of computing, but extends into material science and sensing because electronics are more than just computers and phones.

    Anyway, this little chart will take you from mining minerals to the robotic mining robots mining minerals for more robots.

    It's all right there in a handy-dandy 8"x11" study tool. This is to give you an idea of what actually happened from like 1800 to 1975. Maybe you can get rich by making a new electronic device? Or maybe your robot will. Can't know unless you do.

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