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Cool Stuff

Because it's cooooooooooooooooooooooool.

Thank you for exploring the site, I have enclosed some links to some inspirational companies to help inspire you, inspirationally.


Lichtenberg Figure

Like a tortoise shell, the team over at Gömböc have made something beautiful. It's quite a feat to crystallize mathematics into a real-world object - the Gömböc feels perfect when held.

A Secret Garden

Quintessential life 
Elegance defined with tech

Hoshinchu bonsai



Nature, computers, math, magic robots, and haute couture all in one place, what more could you ask for?

The physicists at Captured Lightning make some amazing artwork. Totally worth it to contact them because not only are their standard pieces practical perfection, but they can do custom orders too!

Because It's Awesome

Zazzle is an excellent company to work with in order to get your first product made! This poster was my first product, and I would like to share it with you!

The Shop

This is a link to our shop page, on it we have some study tools to help you on your way.



Precious Moments

Chemistry is hard and filled with math, so why even bother? Quebul Fine Minerals gives you a reason to care with beautiful thumbnail pieces for self-expression and commemorations of personal achievement. 

The Social Medium

It's not all bacteria and viruses under the microscope. Bevshots shows you the hidden after-hours world of a scientific mind.

Disclaimer: I just like this stuff, I don't get kickbacks from it, except that poster and the stuff in The Shop. It's not all just universities and private corporations you know.

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