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Congratulations! You bought a car, but can't drive it anywhere, what are you to do? Get a driver's license!


Same thing applies to federal monopoly patents. So get your federal monopoly patent licenses today!


Inquire within, and acquire the legal rights to make, use, distribute, and sell some, one, or all of the products contained within Canada patent number: 3,035,406.


The possibilities are quite literally nearly endless.


Partial licenses are available for specific embodyments, technologies, industrial segments (e.g., consider marketing vs distribution licenses), industrial sectors, and subsidiary geographic regions. Please keep in mind that space is limited, and licences operating on a geographic basis will be mutually exclusive (i.e., not be allowed to overlap).


Please note: that patent licenses can be obtained and combined with the United States patent no.: 11,198,943, and vice versa.


Also, Please note: depending upon availablity, conditions, and limitations, all licenses and licenced situations are created on a customary, case-by-case, and or situational basis. Each license is unique to its own set of circumstances, requirements, and limitations.


Please use our contact page (linked below) for more circumstantial information, pricing information, and conditions and terms of use.


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License for Canada Patent No.: 3,035,406

  • While this product is listed as a digital file, it is actually a custom-made legal document outlining and describing the specifications and working details of participation that you have requested.


    Understand that you have requested to participate in a technologically and technically advanced biomedically oriented marketplace, with a heavily regulated and centralized position in toxicology, robotics, and pharmaceutical development.


    While participation in product development and license acquisition is regulated through the host-nation by means of Innovative Potential, the end-user application and distribution of any product, technology, and or sub-product is very well likely subjected to additional local, state/provincial, and federal laws.


    Innovative Potential, and by extension its licensees, are not responsible for your damages or losses incurred to you because you did not think ahead and get approvals from third-party or governmental regulation authorities (e.g., FDA/ Health Canada intervention).


    Personally, I'd recomend a public university laboratory research license first, before asking for a clinical trial license; a clinical license; a manufactory license; private laboratory license; or any other type of license.


    The public university laboratory research license is equivalently where I started out, it's where this technology comes from, and it is the most de-risked license available to asses and develop technology and pharmaceuticals for.

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