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The Electrochemical generation of reactive species and their application as chemotherapeutics by Jordache Boudreau is presented as a hard cover book in perfect binding.

The book focuses on how the underlying mechanism of enzyme operation is electrical in origin and extends that mechanism into an experimentally validated prototype device for drug development and application.

The book teaches methodologies for mammalian cell culture and counting, HPLC analytical method development, statistical and toxicological bioassay, electrochemistry, drug activation, and introduces readers to the how's and why's of oncology treatments.

This 100-page 'snooze fest' details the experiments and laboratory requirements for identifying, screening, and assessing toxicologically viable candidate compounds as oncological treatment options.

Included with this second edition is the 'lost note' schematic from page 88, demonstrating the parallels between electrochemistry and porphyrin-based enzymes in one image.

Black cover and gold lettering, this edition is printed single-sided on recycled acid-free paper.

Hard Cover Book

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